Sunday 15 September 2013

Episode 7

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1. Hugh Hopper — "12-8 Theme" (from Monster Band, recorded 1973, released 1985)

2. Nucleus — "We'll Talk About it Later" (from We'll Talk About it Later, 1970)

3. Pascal Comelade — "O Caroline (part 2)" (from El Primitivismo, 1987)

4. Matching Mole — "Instant Kitten" (from Matching Mole, 1972)

5. Caravan — "Nine Feet Underground" (live at the BBC 1971-05-16, from In the Land of Grey and Pink 40th Anniversary edition, released 2011)

6. Koloto — "Fox Tales" (online release, 2013)

7. Múm — "Smell Memory" (Dirty Bix remix, originally from Yesterday Was Dramatic — Today Is OK, 2000)

8. Arlet — "Summertimes (Intro)" → Summertimes (from Clearing, 2013)

9. Spiro — "Spit Fire Spout Rain" (from Kaleidophonia, 2012)

10. Third Ear Band — unknown piece (live on French TV, May 1970)

[Robert Wyatt guest vocal selection]
11. Ultramarine — "Kingdom" (from United Kingdoms, 1993)
12. Annie Whitehead — "Before We Knew" (from The Gathering, 2000)
13. Hot Chip — "We're Looking for a Lot of Love" (from Hot Chip with Robert Wyatt and Geese, 2008)
14. Epic Soundtracks — "Jelly, Babies" (7" single, 1981)
15. Gary Windo — "Is This the Time?" (from His Master's Bones, 1996)
16. Brian Eno — "Flies" (from compilation album Plague Songs, 2006)
17. Björk — "Submarine" (from Medúlla, 2004)
18. Jeanette Lindström — "River" (from Attitude & Orbit Control , 2009)
19. Slapp Happy — "A Little Something" (BBC radio session, 1974-06-25, from Wyatt's Flotsam Jetsam compilation, 1994)

20. Robert Wyatt — "Rivmic Melodies" [excerpt] (from '68, to be released October 2013)

21. Hopper/Dean/Tippett/Gallivan — "Square Enough Fire" (from Cruel But Fair, 1976)

22. Steve Reich — "Music for 18 Musicians" (performed by Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble, 2007)

23. Gong — "Tried So Hard" (from Camembert Electrique, 1971)

24. Gong — "Octave Doctors" (from Flying Teapot, 1973)

25. Lindsay Cooper — "Fin de Siecle" (from An Angel on the Bridge, 1991)

26. North Sea Radio Orchestra — "Berliner Luft" (from I a Moon, 2011)

27. Kevin Ayers — "There is Loving/Among Us/There is Loving" (from Whatevershebringswesing, 1971)

28. Galen Ayers — eulogy for Kevin (Cafe Sa Fonda, Deià, Mallorca, 2013-08-16)

29. Kevin Ayers — "Hymn" (from Bananamour, 1973)

Lapis Lazuli and their new tour bus (only joking!), er, not on the Old Dover Road


Blogger Gary A Lucas said...

Another very nice episode, thank you. Touching tribute from Ayers' daughter.

Thanks for the Gong by the way. And some nice Wyatt that I had not heard. On it's face Wyatt and Eno seem an odd couple but when you look closer it makes sense. I remember being moved when '....Tiger Mountain' came out and I noticed Wyatt's presence.

You might want to look at this fellow's blog, Curtis from Philadelphia (if I remember correctly);
This fellow actually knew Ayers. Of course I discovered him while looking at Whatsrattlin so.... I am also pleased to discover that Alessandro Achilli also has a blog. I've corresponded with him, via post. I haven't listened to Radiopopolare in the longest time, so I need to remedy that.

20 October 2013 at 11:54  

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