Friday 2 March 2018

Episode 56

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1. Kevin Ayers — "Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes" (single, 1970)

2. Khan — "Driving to Amsterdam" (live Montreux, Switzerland, 1972-04-30)

3. Duke Ellington and his Orchestra — "Sonnet For Sister Kate" (from Such Sweet Thunder, 1957)

4. Group Listening — "Maryan" (from Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1, forthcoming 2018)

5. The Keith Tippett Group — "Green and Orange Night Park" (from Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening, 1971)

6. Clear Frame — "Clean Slate" (from Clear Frame, 2008)

7. Ellen Arkbro — "Mountain of Air" (from For Organ and Brass, 2017)

8. Spindle Ensemble — "Kite" (from Bea, 2017)

9. Anthony Saggers/Stray Ghost interview

  • Bardo Thodol — "Oxxford" (demo recording, 2010)
  • Stray Ghost — "The Time Spent Chasing Lost Daylight" (from Those Who Know Darkness See The Light, 2012)
  • Stray Ghost — "Our Traces Vanish With the Thaw III" (from So Much To Remember, So Much to Forget, 2014)
  • Stray Ghost — "Gossamer" [excerpt] (from So Much To Remember, So Much to Forget, 2014)
  • Scott Walker — "Clara" [excerpt] (from The Drift, 2006)
  • Stranger By Starlight — "Beautiful Boy with a Stone" (from Chalk White Nights, 2013)
  • múm — "We Have a Map of the Piano" (from Finally We Are No One, 2002)
  • Swans — "Stay Here" (from Filth, 1983)
  • Stray Ghost — "Music For Nick" (forthcoming)

10. Jaga Jazzist — "Suomi Finland" (live in São Paulo, 2014-08-16)

11. National Health — "Rose Sob" → "Playtime" (live in Lawrence, Kansas, 1979-11-19)

12. Henry Cow — "Bittern Storm Over Ulm" (from Unrest, 1974)

13. Zoo For You and friends — "The Great Curve" (live in Whitstable, 2010-12-29)

14. Gong — "The Invisible Temple" (from Zero to Infinity, 2000)

15. Caravan — "The Last Unicorn" (from Better By Far, 1977)

clarifications/errata: The drummer on that Kevin Ayers recording was Tony Carr. The keyboard player in Khan (who unearthed those tapes) was Val Stevens. The trombonist featured in the Ellington piece was Quentin "Butter" Jackson. A third drummer, Bryan Spring, played on that Tippett Group album, but it's impossible to find out who actually drummed on the featured track. The 30 minute snare solo Miriam saw Charles Hayward play was in fact a 30 minute snare drum roll! All the music on the Spindle Ensemble album was indeed composed by Daniel Inzani. Anthony and I got confused about the múm discography: "We Have a Map of the Piano" wasn't an album, but a track on their second one. We were both thinking of their debut Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK.


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