Monday 21 March 2016

Episode 32

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Egg — "Prelude" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

3. Lonnie Liston Smith — "In Search of Truth" (from Astral Traveling, 1973)

4. Soft Machine — "Down The Road" → "The German Lesson" → "The French Lesson" (from Seven, 1973)

5. Earth, Wind & Fire — "Zanzibar" (from Head To The Sky, 1973)

6. Alice Coltrane — "Battle In Armageddon" (from Universal Consciousness, 1971)

7. Steve Hillage — "Aftaglid" (from Fish Rising, 1975)

8. John Coltrane/Terry Riley mashup excerpt (put together by Warren Defever, 2016)

9. Sun Ra — "Cosmic Chaos" (from The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra, Volume 2, 1966)

10. Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show — "Mr. Joy" (from Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate, 1971)

11. Machine and the Synergetic Nuts — "M-B" (from Leap Second Neutral, 2005)

12. Caravan — "As I Feel I Die" (from Songs for Oblivion Fishermen, 1998, recorded for the BBC 1970-08-19)

13. Liam Magill and Raven Bush — "Poison Arrow" (live beside the Thames, London, summer 2011)

14. Homunculus Res — "Opodeldoc" (from Come Si Diventa Ciò Che Si Era, 2015)

15. Elton Dean — "Reel Welders" (from Moorsong, 2001)

16. Vito Ricci — "The Bride" (from I Was Crossing A Bridge, 2015)

17. Mkwaju Ensemble — "Mkwaju" (from Mkwaju, 1981)

18. Bison Bonasus — "Harpo Lullaby" (from Bison Bonasus EP, 2016)

19. Henry Cow — "The March" (from Stockholm & Göteborg, 2008, recorded live in Stockholm 1977-05-09)

20. Arlet — "Bowerhouse" (from Big Red Sun, 2016)

21. Hatfield and the North — "Blane" → "Nan's True Hole" → "Big Jobs" → "Going Up To People And Tinkling" (recorded for French TV programme Rockenstock, September 1973)

22. The Winstons — "Viaggo Nel Suono A Tre Dimensioni" (from The Winstons, 2016)

23. John Cage (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "The Wonderful Widow of the Eighteen Springs" (from Voices and Instruments split LP with Jan Steele, 1976)

24. The Wilde Flowers — "Never Leave Me" (from The Wilde Flowers compilation, 1994, originally recorded spring 1966)

25. Max Martin — "The Oyster and the Flying Fish" (from Ginger Cider Wine Blues online release, 2016)

26. Pink Floyd — "Remergence" (from Atom Heart Mother, 1970)

Erratum/clarification: Bruno Burton, the singer from Bison Bonasus, explains: "Thank you for including our song, 'Harpo Lullaby' on your 'Canterbury San Frontieres' broadcast - I love that show. It was enjoyable to hear our song played alongside all that wonderful music.That being said, I find it necessary to recommend a small correction. You mention how we overlaid tape hiss to the track in order, presumably, to achieve the retro, 80s electronic feel you allude to in your classification. This really isn't something we'd do. In fact the hissing sound you can hear results from the mic gain being turned up so much because I was performing laying half asleep on a bed with the microphone suspended just above my mouth. To try and catch a sensible morsel of sleepiness. We thought it would make the lullaby more convincing and so much more useful."


Blogger Goldenoldie said...

Thanks for the music as always. Have you played this one?

A virgin record 1974. Stephen Miller- The Story so Far (side 1) and Lol Coxhill _ Oh Really (side 2).

Track Soprano Derivativo featuring…

Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers, Archie Leggett, Lol Coxill.

Live at the Twist Cho Cho rooms, Camden.

31 March 2016 at 12:32  
Blogger midn said...

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