Tuesday 2 June 2015

Episode 22

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Soft Machine — "Why Are We Sleeping?" (from The Soft Machine, 1968)

3. Caravan — "Austin Cambridge" (demo recorded 1972, from Canterburied Sounds, volume 4, released 1998)

4. Donald Byrd — "Xibaba" (from Electric Byrd, 1970)

5. King Crimson — "Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds)" (from Three of a Perfect Pair, 1984)

6. Jam Today — "Song About Myself" (from Stereotyping EP, 1981)

7. Mitsu Harada — "Otsuki-Sama" (from Comodo News EP, 1975)

8. Happy Family — "Portal Site for Sightseers" (from Minimal Gods, 2014)

9. Zinade — "Soon" (from Play Kevin Ayers Monincs/Zinade collaborative 7", 2007)

10. Lapis Lazuli — live at The Penny Theatre, Canterbury, 2014-12-07
"Abra Cadaver" [excerpt]
"Alien" part I
"Incessant Creakings of Invisible Gallows"
"Alien" part II
"Alien" part IV

11. Grasscut [feat. Robert Wyatt] — "Richardson Road" (from Unearth, 2012)

12. Richard Sinclair and Theo Travis — "The Munich Train" (from Earth to Ether, 2004)

13. Robert Wyatt — "Love" (from Instant Karma, Uncut magazine's John Lennon tribute CD, 2002)

14. Lindsay Cooper — "Piano Roulette" (live at Roulette, NYC, 1985-11-13, from Rarities Volume 2, 2014)

15. Gong — live at La Vieille Grille Club, Paris, early 1968 (broadcast on French TV programme Le Petit Dimanche Illustré, 1968-04-21)

16. Hugh Hopper and Robert Jarvis — "Was a Friend" (from Volume 4: Four by Hugh by Four, recorded Amsterdam, 2000-09-23, released 2014)

17. Gong — "Occupy!" (from I See You, 2014)

18. Linda Perhacs — "Parallelograms" (from Parallelograms, 1970)

errata/clarifications: I forgot to thank Tim Smith, dedicated listener from Herne Bay, for bringing the Zinade/Monincs single to my attention.

From an interview Udi Koomran did with Daevid Allen in 2005:

Udi: "I read somewhere that the first gig was attended by Yoko Ono and Ornette Coleman and that a TV crew filmed the show. Is there any footage of that?"

Daevid: "I would love to find it. its worth remembering that Yoko and Ornette were doing performance art upstairs on the main stage and we were down in the newly christened and very avant garde psychedelic cellar. We didn't play together. Gilli was subsequently offered a role in the sound track as orgasmic special effect but the film was pretty standard and boring."

Daevid Allen: guitar and vocals
Gilli Smyth: vocals
Ziska Baum: vocals
Loren Standlee: flute


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