Friday 24 August 2018

Episode 62

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. John Peel talking to Robert Wyatt on BBC Radio One, December 1969

3. Soft Machine — "Kings and Queens" (live in Brussels, 1971-01-15, broadcast on Belgian TV programme Pop Shop)

4. John Coltrane — "Untitled Original 11386 (take 1)" (Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album, recorded 1963, release 2018)

5. Kevin Ayers and the Whole World — "We Did It Again" (live on John Peel's Sunday Show, BBC Radio One, 1970-05-17?)

6. Hatfield and the North (expanded band) — "Son of 'There's No Place Like Homerton'" (live at The Roundhouse, London (?), 1974-04-13)

7. The Boot Lagoon — "L'apperaill Doux" (from The Boot Lagoon EP, 2012)

8. Canterbury Legends (In Their Own Lunchtime) — "Wanglo-Saxon" (soundcheck, Cluny, France, 2007-05-05)

9. Nelson Parade — "You Make The Human Race" (from Nothing In Particles EP, 2018)

10. Nelson Parade — "Moonrise, part 3" (unreleased, 2016)

11. Mike Ratledge — piano standards (recorded by Brian Hopper in Canterbury, 1960 or '63)

12. Arlet — live in the woods near Canterbury, August 2017
"Final Sixteen", "For The Boy who Dreams of Flying in a Magical Pirate Ship", "Bowerhouse", "Samsong", "Big Red Sun", "V12", "The Woodturner", "Bowerhouse II", "Soundtrack", "The Big Ship", "Mattematix"

13. Hugh Hopper — "2P.M." (from Hooligan Romantics, 1994, recorded live in Amsterdam, 1991-02-22)

14. Kavus Torabi — "Radio To Their World" (from Solar Divination EP, 2018)

15. Steve Hillage — "Radio" (from Live at the Rainbow '77, 2014, recorded live in London, 1977-11-03)

16. Gong — "Crystal Machine" (from Pre-Modern Wireless, 1995, recorded for BBC Radio One session 1973-05-29)

17. Hawkwind — "Assault and Battery" → "The Golden Void" (from Live in Nottingham, 2002, recorded 1990)

18. De Lorians — "On the Hills of Red Kochia" (studio session recorded 2018-04-01)

19. Lindsay Cooper Songbook — "Banknote" (live at Zappanale festival, Bad Doberan, Germany, 2018-07-21)

20. Lindsay Cooper Songbook — live excerpt from Cafe Oto, London, 2018-06-16

clarifications/errata: I forgot to mention Ben Insall (guitar) when I gave the lineup for Arlet, sorry Ben! Alan Davey played bass with Hawkwind from 1984-96 and 2000-06. Harvey Bainbridge was with the band 1984-91. Simon House's tenure went back to the Hall of the Mountain Grill album (1974). And the wind player in Lindsay Cooper Songbook was Tim Hodgkinson (ex-Henry Cow), NOT Geoff Leight...sorry Tim!

Hatfield big band live '74 (Aymeric's dynamic slideshow)

Canterbury Legends soundcheck footage


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