Tuesday 15 April 2014

Episode 14

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1. The Soft Machine — "Love Makes Sweet Music" (7" single, 1967)

2. John Coltrane Quartet — "Spiritual" (from Afro Blue Impressions, recorded 1963, released 1977)

3. Gong — "A Sprinkling of Clouds" (from You, 1974)

4. Roxy Music — "Song For Europe" (from Stranded, 1973)

5. Caravan — "Love in Your Eye" (from Waterloo Lily, 1972)

6. Geoffrey Richardson and Frances Knight — "The Circle is Unbroken" (live at The Lighthouse, Deal, 2014-03-16)

7. Caravan — "Asforteri 25" (from If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You, 1970)

8. Lady June — "Mirror Mirror" (from Rebela project, work in progress)

9. Lindsay Cooper [feat. Dagmar Krause] — "The Number 8 Bus" (from Music For Other Occasions, 1986)

10. Robert Wyatt — "Billy's Bounce" (from Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981, 2009)

11. Kevin Ayers — "Beware of the Dog" (from Bananamour, 1973)

12. Egg — "Bulb" (from Egg, 1970)

13. National Health — "Phlakaton" (from Of Queues and Cures, 1978)

14. Soft Machine — "A Concise British Alphabet, Pt. 2" (from Volume 2, 1969)

15. Hatfield and the North — "Laundry Soup" (from Hatwise Choice, recorded BBC Radio studios 1974-03-19, released 2005)

16. aeolian harp excerpt

17. An hour of Stereolab, creatively mixed by LTJ Bunkum [sic]
Stereolab — "Space Age Batchelor Pad Music (Foamy)" (from Space Age Batchelor Pad Music, 1993)
Stereolab — "Jenny Ondioline" (intro, part 3, part 2) (from Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements, 1993)
Neu! — "Hallogallo" [edit] (from Neu!, 1972)
Stereolab and Nurse With Wound — "Simple Headphone Mind" [edit] (from Simple Headphone Mind, 1997)
Stereolab — "The Long Hair of Death" (from split single with Yo La Tengo, 1995)
Stereolab — "OLV 26" (from Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1996)
Stereolab — "Nihilist Assault Group" (from Mars Audiac Quintet, 1994)
Stereolab — "New Orthophony" [part 1 of full version from Mars Audiac Quintet Sessions] (from Aluminium Tunes compilation, 1998)
Stereolab — "Anonymous Collective" (from Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1996)
Stereolab — "K-Stars" (from Peng!, 1992)
Charles Long and Stereolab — "How to Play Your Internal Organs Overnight" [part 2] (from Music for the Amorphous Body Study Centre, 1995)
Stereolab — "Prisoner of Mars" (from Dots and Loops, 1997)
Stereolab — "Contronatura" [part 1] (from Dots and Loops, 1997)
Stereolab — "Puncture in the Radax Permutation (from Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night, 1999)

18. Tony Scott and the Indonesian All-Stars — "Gambang Sulang" (from Djanger Bali, 1971)

19. Kevin Ayers — "Oleh Oleh Bandung Bandang" (from Joy of a Toy, 1969)

20. Schnauser — "As Long As He Lies Perfecly Still" (B-side of 7" single, 2014)

21. The Valentines — "Love Makes Sweet Music" (B-side of 7" single, 1967)

22. King Tubby [feat. Barry Brown] — "King of Zion Dub" (exact origin unknown, 1970s)

23. Koloto — "Kill Screen" (from Mechanica EP, 2014)

24. Lapis Lazuli — "Alien" [part 1] (from Alien/Abracadaver, 2014)

25. Syd Arthur — "Chariots" → "Singularity" (from Sound Mirror, 2014)

26. Kairo — "Whisper in the Blue" (from Kairo EP, 2014)

27. Robert Wyatt — "Raining In My Heart" (from Cuckooland, 2003)


Blogger Gary A Lucas said...

Well, thanks so much! I certainly would have been happy to hear 1 or 2 tracks by Stereolab, but an entire hour! But then I would suggest that the real benefactors are your listeners, who might otherwise never hear this extraordinary band. Having listened to much of their catalog I sure think they went through quite a transformation. They really started out in more or less a Talking Heads vein, just plaintive guitar based songs. But then what 20 year old aggregations don't go through some changes? Their association with Sean O'Hagan certainly altered their sound. Stereolab's late 90's sound was distinctive. My friend Raymond Benson http://raymondbenson.blogspot.com/ suggested that they were 'shoe gazing' music. I would somewhat concur. While I can't really confirm the Canterbury influence outside of the evidence, I must admit they wear the 'lounge' aesthetic on their sleeves. Keyboardist Tim Gane is certainly the electronics maven. I was surprised at the association with Nurse With Wound. Again, Gane and Sadier are ostensibly avid record collectors. I also need to pay my respects to the late Mary Hansen, the Stereolab vocalist guitarist. Rest in peace. She died after being struck by a truck while bicycling! One of the more sad things I ever heard. I daresay that altered Stereolab's future. Laetitia Sadier is carrying on with several projects, as is Tim Gane. Stereolab is 'on hiatus'. I can envision a reunion at some point. Gane actually collaborated with Sean O'Hagan on a movie sountrack score. Thanks again. The Roxy Music track 'Son for Europe' is apropos. You certainly need it lately. I'm pleased to see Lady June still active. Cheers and keep up the good work.

24 April 2014 at 15:51  
Blogger mickey said...

just nice. able to hear these works. thanx.

25 April 2014 at 06:02  
Blogger Gary A Lucas said...

'Parsec' by Stereolab from 'Dots and Loops'
Well, this inspired my train of thought. As nice a horn and vocal arrangement as I ever heard. And right out of Soft Machine, probably subconsciously. Actually I could hardly believe what I was hearing initially.

1 May 2014 at 14:22  

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