Tuesday 2 January 2018

Episode 54

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1. Caravan — "Feelin' Reelin' Squealin'" (from Canterburied Sounds vol. 1, live at The Foundry, Jewry Lane, Canterbury, 1970)

2. St. Dunstan — "Kyrie Rex Splendens" (sung by the Lay Clerks of Canterbury Cathedral Choir [dir. David Flood] from Gregorian Chant for the Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury, 1994)

3. The Daevid Allen Trio — "Ya Sunne WOT" (from Live 1963, recorded at The Marquee, London, 1963-06-03)

4. W.A. Mozart — Piano and Violin Sonata in C Major: 3. Menuet I & II; 4. Allegro molto (performed by Rachel Podger, violin and Gary Cooper, piano)

5. Kraftwerk — "Tour de France" [Canterbury 2007 remix'] (7" single, 1983)

6. The Wilde Flowers — "Memories" (instrumental demo, March 1965)

7. John Betjeman presents "Britain's Cathedrals and Their Music" no. 7, Canterbury Cathedral (BBC radio broadcast, recorded 1965, broadcast 1966) [excerpt, including "St. Thomas Honour We" sung by the Cathedral Choir, directed by Allan Wicks, Stephen Crisp, organist]

8. Orlando Gibbons — "Magnificat (from the Second Service)" (sung by the Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, from The Canterbury Tradition, 1992)

9. Mr. Head [Soft Machine] — "Contusions" (demo, 1966)

10. Thomas Goodban — "Harmony and Unanimity" (MIDI rendition of Canterbury Catch Club theme tune, by Julie Greenacre(?))

11. Canterbury Underground 2008-2014 mix:

  • Syd Arthur — "Secrets of the Planet Soul" (from Kingdoms of Experience EP, 2008)
  • The Boot Lagoon — "An Odd Owl" (from The Boot Lagoon EP, 2012)
  • Zoo For You — "My Moth" (from Fast Dance on a Nail, 2012)
  • Arlet — "Edinburgh Fringe" (from Arlet EP, 2013)
  • Liam Magill and Raven Bush — "Honest Land" (recorded in the woods near Canterbury, 2012-06-11)
  • Kairo — "Whisper In The Blue" (from Kairo EP, 2014)
  • Lapis Lazuli — "Alien part 3" (from Alien, 2014)
  • Delta Sleep — "Dustbusters" (from Managment, 2014)
  • Koloto — "Fox Tales" (from Mechanica EP, 2014)
  • Yakobfinga — "Moskalenko" (from Through a Hole In the Head, 2012)
  • Bardo Thodol — "S.S. Trushmu" (demo, recorded in Canterbury, May 2010)
  • Sam Bailey — Piano in the Woods improvisation 1 (recorded at Littlehall Pinetum, 2013-05-05)
  • Syd Arthur — "Chariots" → "Singularity" (from Sound Mirror, 2014)

12. Them — "Gloria" [excerpt] (7" single, 1964)

13. Thomas Tallis — "Missa Salve Intemerata: Gloria" (sung by Canterbury Cathedral Choir, from Salve Intemerata, 1996)

14. John Betjeman presents "Britain's Cathedrals and Their Music" no. 7 (1965) [excerpt]

15. Spirogyra — "Cogwheels, Crutches and Cyanide" (from St. Radigunds, 1971)

16. Kevin Ayers — "Shouting in a Bucket Blues" (from Bananamour, 1973)

17. Steve Hillage — "Canterbury Sunrise" (from Fish Rising, 1975)

18. Tony Coe Quartet — "Ruby" (from Ruby, 1998)

19. BBC news clip about girls choir singing Evensong in the Cathedral (January 2014)

20. The Polite Force — "Food of the Gods" (from Canterbury Knights, 1996, recorded Graveney, near Canterbury, 1976)

21. The Clash — "Justice Tonight / Kick It Over" (from Black Market Clash, 1980)

22. Vernon Elliot — soundtrack excerpt from The Clangers "Music of the Spheres" episode (broadcast November 1972)

23. Hawkwind — "Ten Seconds of Forever" [excerpt] (from Space Ritual, 1973)

24. Spirogyra — "A Canterbury Tale" (from Old Boot Wine, 1972)

clarifications/errata: The Clash played The Odeon in 1980. That Clangers episode was from 1972, not 1969.

Relevant illustrations from You Are Here (by Carol J. Watkins):

the Cathedral's "Bell Harry" tower, completed around 1500

the Canterbury Catch Club, meeting upstairs at the Prince of Orange tavern

Burgate after the Blitz, June 1942

Daevid Allen outside Robert Wyatt's family home, around 1960

the first students arriving at UKC's Eliot College, autumn 1965

Tanglewood in Giles Lane, home of the Hopper family and The Wilde Flowers' rehearsal space

Tanglewood in Giles Lane, home of the Hopper family and The Wilde Flowers' rehearsal space

Soft Machine in a park in London, 1966 or '67

Caravan, in a tree near Tyler Hill outside Canterbury, c. 1968

Steve Hillage and Kevin Ayers larking about in a record shop c.1972

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin working on The Clangers

The Odeon cinema, later to become the Marlowe Theatre, scene of a Clash concert in 1980

Orange Street Music Club, with members of Syd Arthur and The Quartet playing Hugh Hopper's "Facelift"

Syd Arthur

The Boot Lagoon

Zoo For You

Lapis Lazuli




You Are Here: The biography of a moment


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