Sunday 16 March 2014

Episode 13

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1. Kevin Ayers and the Whole World — "Gemini Child" (BBC Radio One session, 1970-05-20)

2. Soft Machine — "Facelift" → "Mousetrap" → "Backwards" → "Mousetrap Reprise" (BBC Radio One session, 1969-06-21)

3. Syd Arthur — "Garden of Time" (from Sound Mirror, 2014)

4. Caravan — "A-Hunting We Shall Go" (live in Whitstable, 2013-11-23)

5. Mich (feat. Buba) — "Sea Song" (online release, 2014)

6. Wyatt Moss-Wellington — "Sanitary Apocalypse" [excerpt] (from self-released mini-album, 2014)

[guest mix from Barney Pidgeon and Bruno Burton (Bison Bonasus)]

7. Lord Buckley — "The Train" (from A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat, 1969)
8. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band — "Frownland" (from Trout Mask Replica, 1969)
9. Talking Heads — "Born Under Punches" (from Remain in Light, 1980)
10. Tortoise — "Seneca" (from Standards, 2001)
11. Fela Kuti & Africa 70 — "Kalakuta Show" (from Kalakuta Show, 1976)
12. Bison Bonasus — "Le Nipp" (live at Smugglers Festival, 2013-09-01)
13. Mary Lou Williams — "St. Martin De Porres" (from Black Christ of the Andes, 1964)
14. Steve Reich — "Heavy Smoke" (from Proverb/City Life, 1996)
15. Pierre Bachelet — Emmanuelle soundtrack excerpt (1974)
16. Dirty Projectors — "Maybe That Was It" (from Swing Lo Magellan, 2012)
17. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti — "Round and Round" (from Before Today, 2010)
18. Connan Mockasin — "Unicorn in Uniform" (from Forever Dolphin Love, 2011)
19. Gong — "Oily Way" (from Angel's Egg, 1973)
20. Chicago Underground Trio — "Pisces" (from Possible Cube, 1999)

21. Henry Cow — "Came To See You" (originally recorded 1972, from The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set, 2009)

22. Kyoto Jazz Massive — "Eclipse" (from Spirit of the Sun, 2002)

23. Gong — "Tropical Fish" → "Selene" (live in São Paolo, 2013-05-24)

24. Cardiacs — "The Big Ship" (live in Salisbury 1990-06-30, from All That Glitters Is a Mare's Nest, 1995)

25. The Sea Nymphs — "Engelheart" (unknown origin, 1990s)

26. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake — "To My Piano from Mr. Drake" (from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. Drake cassette, 1984)

27. William D. Drake — "January Night" (from Briny Hooves, 2007)

28. North Sea Radio Orchestra — "Kingstanding" (from North Sea Radio Orchestra, 2006)

29. Koloto — "Mechanica" (from Mechanica EP, 2014)

30. Tony Scott and the Indonesian All-Stars — "Burungkaka Tua" (from Djanger Bali, 1967)

31. Hugh Hopper with Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Simon Pearson and the Delta Saxophone Quartet — "Wrapped Box 25/4 Lid (With Ribbons)" (live at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, 2008-02-08)


Blogger Gary A Lucas said...

I guess the addition of Tortoise to your playlist inspired a thought. In addition I noticed that so far you haven't added any tracks by Stereolab, to complete that thought. Stereolab certainly has some strains of Canterbury in their sound, especially during the late 90's when they were affiliated with Sean O'Hagan and John McEntire. I imagine Tim Gane is a marginal Canterbury fan, judging by his keyboard colors. And I'm sure Laetitia Sadier has heard her share of Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers and Hatfield, probably Gong also being French. At times Stereolab recorded in Chicago also, so they were conversant with the jazz idiom, judging by their lovely horn arrangements. At any rate, I think anything from the 'Dots and Loops' album would not sound out of place in your series. You've certainly ventured further afield than them. :) Thanks for all the rare live tracks, especially Ayers and Allen, and all the links.

16 March 2014 at 15:49  
Blogger Unknown said...


stereolab > chicago > jim o'rourke > bobby conn!

(jim o'rourke connection will let you play a little sonic youth too ;-) )

looking foward to next episode already!!!

16 March 2014 at 17:26  

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