Saturday 21 May 2016

Episode 34

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Soft Machine — "Slightly All The Time" (from Softstage: BBC In Concert 1972; recorded 1972-07-20 at the Paris Theatre, London)

3. Koloto — "Fay" (digital release, 2016)

4. Henry Cow — untitled improvisation (from Stockholm & Göteborg, 2008; recorded Göteborg, Sweden, 1975-05-28)

5. Steve Hillage — "Pentagrammaspin (2006 Remix)" (originally on Virgin Records V sampler compilation, 1975; remix included as bonus track on Fish Rising CD reissue)

6. Don Cherry — "Utopia and Visions" (from Organic Music Society, 1972)

7. Vesa-Matti Loiri — "Coming Home Baby" (from 4 + 20, 1971)

8. Hatfield and the North — "Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut" → "Calyx" (session recorded for BBC Radio 1's Top Gear, 1974-03-19)

9. Lapis Lazuli — "Triton Gnast" (recorded live at The Gulbenkian Cafe, UKC campus, Canterbury, 2015-02-06)

10. Arlet — "ML" (from bonus Trio disc included with Big Red Sun CD, 2016)

11. Liam Magill — "Plane Crash In Kansas" (live in Canterbury, 2016-04-03)

12. Rascal Reporters — "Guns For Distribution" (from We're God, 1980)

13. Mulatu Astatke — "Mulatu" (from Mulatu of Ethiopia, 1972)

14. John Coltrane — "Olé" (from Olé Coltrane, 1961)

15. Cristina Ariagno — "Partita pour piano" [composed by Germaine Tailleferre] (1957)

16. Claudia Quintet — "Nightbreak" (from Super Petite, 2016)

17. Bodhi Glitch — "Slung On" (digital release, 2012)

18. Ekoda Map — "Pastels" (digital release, 2013)

19. Chase — "Weird Song #1" (from Pure Music, 1974)

20. Catharsis — "Styx" (from Le Bolero De Veau Des Dames, 1974)

21. Sam Bailey — "Automatic Writing Circle" → "Meyer and Parker" (from Free Range Piano, 2016)

22. Caravan — "Ride" (from Caravan, 1968)

23. Adrian Lau X Harry Fraud — "Unreal" (from Projection, 2014)

24. Kevin Ayers — "Doctor Dream Theme" (from The Confessions of Doctor Dream, 1974)

25. Jaylib — "Nowadayz" (from Champion Sound, 2003)

26. Wesley Stace's Cabinet of Wonders [feat. Salman Rushdie(!)] — "Singing A Song In The Morning" (live at City Winery, NYC, 2016-04-15)

Errata/clarifications: The original "Pentagrammaspin" wasn't from Steve Hillage's Fish Rising album sessions, but recorded by Paragong (Hillage/Malherbe/Blake/Howlett/Moerlin) in early '73. UKC's Chancellor (not Vice Chancellor) is Gavin Esler (not "Eisler").

Kololo — "Fay" (video by Sabine Volkert)


Blogger Gary A Lucas said...

In thinking about Soft Machine's Michael Ratledge it occurs to me that I don't remember hearing anyone else use fuzz tone with organ outside of him, Dave Stewart and possibly David Sinclair (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm also thinking that most keyboardists probably thought the practice was passe after the advent of synthesizers. Even Ratledge stopped using that after awhile. I thought on Soft Machine I and II the fuzz organ was quite effective and attractive, a signature sound. It also seems that his combination of Lowery organ and the fuzz boxes he used made a unique sound. I also imagine him and Hugh Hopper discussing fuzz tones, sort of like Hopper and Hewins on a video I saw once. I imagine Ratledge had some foot pedals like Hopper. Funny I never read that or looked into it.

13 June 2016 at 09:01  

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