Sunday 23 September 2018

Episode 63

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Kevin Ayers and the Whole World — "Lady Rachel" (live on John Peel's Sunday Show, BBC Radio One, 1970-05-17?)

3. The Papylonian Babooshkies — "For the Space of the Time Being" (live at Smugglers Festival near Deal, Kent, 2018-08-30)

4. Jimi Hendrix, Robert Wyatt, Andy Summers and Zoot Money — studio jam, TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA, late October 1968

5. Itsuroh Shimoda — "Everybody Anyone" (from Love Songs and Lamentations, 1973)

6. Hugh Hopper — "Miniluv" (live in Amsterdam, 1989-09-29, from Meccano Pelorus, 1991)

7. The Muffins — "Come What Molten Cloud" (from Chronometers, recorded 1975, released 1993)

8. Gong — "Escape Control Delete" (from 2032, 2009)

9. "Local Hoot" radio takeover playlist for Max Martin (RIP)

  • Kevin Ayers — "Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes" (from Whatevershebringswesing, 1971)
  • The Wilde Flowers — "Those Words They Say" (1966 demo)
  • Soft Machine — "As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still" (from Volume Two, 1969)
  • Caravan — "Winter Wine" (from In the Land of Grey and Pink, 1971)
  • Gong — "And You Tried So Hard" (from Camembert Electrique, 1971)
  • Steve Hillage — "Aftaglid" [excerpt] (from Fish Rising, 1974)
  • Matching Mole — "O Caroline" (from Matching Mole, 1972)
  • Robert Wyatt — "The Sea Song" (from Rock Bottom, 1974)
  • Hatfield and the North — "Shaving is Boring" (from Hatfield and the North, 1974)
  • Soft Machine — "Slightly All the Time" (from Third, 1970)
  • National Health — "Squarer For Maud" [excerpt] (from Of Queues and Cures, 1978)

10. My Cat Is An Alien — "Let Their Voices Speak Through The Wind" (from RE-SI-STEN-ZA!, 2016)

11. Robert Wyatt speaks on music, communication and breaking down cultural barriers

12. Syd Arthur — "The Berber Mountain Song" (from Kingdoms of Experience EP, 2008)

13. Syd Arthur — "Night-Shaped Light" (from On An On, 2012)

14. J.J. Cale — "Durango" (from Anyway The Wind Blows, recorded 1976, released 1997)

errata/clarifications: Zoot Money's real name was George (Money). The live Hugh Hopper piece is from a 1989 gig in Amsterdam, whereas the Amsterdam recording played last episode was from a 1991 gig. Daevid Allen added guest vocals to Muffins member Michael Zentner's 1983 Present Time album. The backing vocals on Itsuroh Shimoda's album was disco singer Vicki Sue Robinson. My Cat Is An Alien consists of brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio.


Blogger Unknown said...

Further correction : the Steve Hillage excerpt was "Canterbury Sunrise" from "Solar Musick Suite", not from "Aftaglid" !

24 September 2018 at 03:17  

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