Monday 20 June 2016

Episode 35

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Steve Hillage — "Lunar Musick Suite" (from L, 1976)

3. Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind — "Freedom Is Frightening" (from Freedom Is Frightening, 1973)

4. Gary Wilson Trio — "Another Galaxy" (from Another Galaxy, 1974)

5. Pink Floyd — "Interstellar Overdrive" (recorded 1967 for Tonite Let's All Make Love In London soundtrack, released 1991)

6. Zacht Automaat — "Facelift" (live in Toronto, 2015-08-09)

7. Soft Machine — "I Should Have Known" (live on Dutch TV programme Hoepla, 1967-09-22)

8. Robert Wyatt — "Chairman Mao" (Italian 7" single, 1987)

9. Hugh Hopper — "Oyster Perpetual" (from Hopper Tunity Box, 1977)

10. Mike Ratledge — "Sequence 5" (from Riddles of the Sphinx soundtrack, recorded 1977, released 2013)

11. David Bedford [feat. Kevin Ayers] — "Sad And Lonely Faces" (from Nurses Song With Elephants, 1972)

12. Bridget St. John — "Yep" (B-side of 7" single, 1970)

13. Jon Hassell and Brian Eno — "Charm (Over Burundi Cloud)" (from Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics, 1980)

14. National Health — "The Towplane & The Glider" (from Missing Pieces, 1996 recorded October 1975)

15. Short Wave — "Saiseyes" (from Live, 1993)

16. Jamie Dams — "Vague" (from Rush Of Souls, 2016)

17. Forgas — "Cocktail" (from Cocktail, 1977)

18. Paragong — "Camembert Psilocybin Flashback" (from Live '73, released 1995)

19. Sun Ra And His Arkestra — "The Sound Mirror" (from Sound Mirror, 1978)

20. Syd Arthur — "Apricity" (from Apricity, to be released later in 2016)

21. Glo — "Deia" (from Even As We, 1997)

22. Derrick May & System 7 — "Fractal Liason" (from 777, 1992)

23. System 7 — "Sirenes (Marshall Jefferson Mix)" (from System Express, 1996)

24. System 7 — "Space Bird (Liquid Soul Remix)" (from Out, 2014)

25. Liam Magill and Raven Bush — "Honest Land" (live in secret woodland location near Canterbury, 2012-06-10)

Errata/clarifications: Facelift fanzine ran from 1989-1999 (you can find more info here). I forgot to mention that the Daevid-like vocals on the live Paragong track were provided by Tim Blake. And the video of Soft Machine on the Dutch TV programme Hoepla has unfortunately been pulled from YouTube (but check back, it may well resurface, well worth a viewing!)


Blogger Mechanical Forest Sound said...


I've been using Canterbury Soundwaves/Sans Frontières as the soundtrack to my Sunday chores for quite a while now, working my way through from the beginning. I'm not sure what I'll do once I get caught up in a few weeks! First off, thanks for your ongoing work in keeping this going; it's been an education for me.

I'd been waiting to come across a Zacht Automaat track here, which I thought would be a natural for you to include. You didn't draw the connection, so I thought I'd mention ZA is basically what emerged from the wreckage of The Battleship, Ethel, who you'd featured a few times. They have a rather large catalogue by now, which is summarized nicely on this compilation.

If you're ever looking for one of those guest mixes to fill in a middle hour, I'm an ardent observer and archivist of various musics in Toronto and there are lots of things in the CSF vein (from Canterbury-styled widdly-prog to kosmiche to cosmic jazz explorations) that would fit in quite nicely. (To give one taste, here's a superb side excursion from Carl Didur, the keyb genius from Zacht Automaat + The Battleship, Ethel.) Do get in touch if the idea of a mix like this interests you!



29 August 2016 at 10:57  

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