Friday 18 October 2013

Episode 8

dedicated to the memory of Lindsay Cooper (1951—2013)

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1. Hatfield and the North — "(Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw" (from The Rotters Club, 1975)

2. Henry Cow — "Slice" (bonus track from Western Culture CD, recorded 1978)

3. Ghanaian drumming field recording 1

4. Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634) — "L' Alcenagina sopra Vestiva i colli" (performed by Syntagma Amici, from the album Fagotto, Basson, Dulcian, Curtal?, 2008)

5. North Sea Radio Orchestra — "Personent Hodie" (from Birds, 2008)

6. Rae — "Eyed Ear" (from Era, 2011)

7. Ghanaian drumming field recording 2

8. Comus — "The Bite" (from First Utterance, 1971)

9. Comus — "To Keep From Crying" (from To Keep From Crying, 1974)

10. Henry Cow — "Solemn Music" (from Unrest, 1974)

11. Egg — "Nearch" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

12. Steve Hillage — "Swimming with the Salmon" (from Fish Rising, 1974)

13. Henry Cow/Slapp Happy — "Giants" (from Desperate Straights, 1975)

14. Henry Cow — improvisation (recorded live in Vevey, Switzerland for Swiss TV's Kaleidospop, 1976-08-25)

15. Henry Cow — "Gretel's Tale" (from Western Culture, 1978)

16. Henry Cow — "Look Back" (from Western Culture, 1978)

17. Henry Cow — "Half the Sky" (from Western Culture, 1978)

18. Feminist Improvising Group — "The Seventh Kiss" (broadcast on NDR Radio, Munich, 1980-10-03)

19. Lindsay Cooper and Maud Sauer — "Kromhout 2 Cyl. 80 Pk." (from Canaille 1986, recored live in Zürich, October 1986)

20. Mike Westbrook Orchestra feat. Lindsay Cooper — "Democratie" (from The Cortège, live 1982)

21. News From Babel (feat. Robert Wyatt) — "Who Will Accuse" (from Letters Home, 1986)

22. Lindsay Cooper — "1848" → "Chartists Anthem" (from Rags, 1981)

23. Lindsay Cooper — "Iceland" (from The Golddiggers soundtrack, 1983)

24. David Thomas and the Pedestrians — "About True Friends" (from More Places Forever, 1985)

25. Lindsay Cooper e l'Orchestra Del Teatro Comunale di Bologna — "Concerto Per Sax Sopranino e Archi" [excerpt] (recorded live at Angelica Festival, Bologna, summer 1992)

26. The Lindsay Cooper Film Music Orchestra — "The Song of the End of the Earth" (live at Taktlos Festival, Zürich, 1985-03-09)

27. Lindsay Cooper — "Oh the Passing of Time, Europe" →"Liberty Bonds" (from Oh Moscow, 1991)

28. Lindsay Cooper — "The Hanging Gardens" (from An Angel on the Bridge, 1991)

29. Lindsay Cooper — "The Colony Comes a Cropper 2" (from Music For Other Occasions, 1986)

30. Lindsay Cooper — "Assassination Waltz" (from Music For Other Occasions, 1986)

31. Lindsay Cooper — "Sahara Dust pt. 5" (from Sahara Dust, 1993)

32. Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, Gianni Gebbia and Lars Hollmer — "Elegy for an Angel" (from Angelica 92, recorded live at Angelica Festival, Bologna, summer 1992)

33. Fred Frith's Gravity — "Terrain" (live at The Carousel, NYC, 2013-09-20)

34. Lindsay Cooper, Robert Wyatt, Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis — "Moments of Delight" (from The Last Nightingale compilation LP, 1984)

35. Lindsay Cooper — "Botticelli" (from An Angel on the Bridge, 1991)

36. Yumi Hara Cawkwell — "Slice" [clavichord solo recorded specially for this episode]

37. Lindsay Cooper and Sally Potter — "As She Breathes" (from Music For Other Occasions, 1986)

38. a few last words from Lindsay (thanks to Allesandro Achilli and Paolo Chang for conducting the interview with Lindsay in 1989, parts of which can be found here)

Errata/clarifications: Apologies to Dagmar Krause, whose surname I have been mispronouncing for years. Steve Hillage wasn't in Egg as such [but he guested with them on their final album, and played with all three members in earlier band Uriel (a.k.a. Arazachel)]. Dartington College only went back to 1961, but had evolved out of the progressive Dartington Hall School which was founded in 1926, so I was almost right about that. What I called the "Film Group" seems to have also been known at the time as "The Lindsay Cooper Film Music Orchestra". I refered to "Georgina Born", although she was known as Georgie Born in social and musical circles, only having reverted to her given name when she established herself in academia. The lineup of News from Babel was Lindsay, Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause and Zeena Parkins (not Fred Frith, as I mistakenly said).


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