Monday 14 November 2016

Episode 40

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Syd Arthur — "Coal Mine" (from Apricity, 2016)

3. Robert Wyatt — "Left On Man" (from Dondestan, 1991)

4. Caravan — "For Richard" (from Songs For Oblivion Fishermen, 1998, recorded for BBC Radio One, 1974-02-07)

5. Maximal Orkestra — "La Gigue" (from Les Odeurs de la Terre, 2009)

6. Stray Ghost — "Our Greatest Glory, Gone Unseen" (from Those Who Know Darkness See The Light, 2012)

7. Kevin Ayers — "Here I Go" (recorded live at Syd Barrett tribute concert, The Barbican, London, 2007-05-10)

8. Syd Barrett — "Terrapin" (from The Madcap Laughs, 1970)

9. Syd Barrett — "Dominoes" (from Barrett, 1970)

10. Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra — "Friendly Galaxy" (from Secrets of the Sun, 1965)

11. 'Canterbury' in Indonesia: guest mix from CSF listener Terry Collins in Jakarta

  • Guruh Gypsy — "Barong Gundah" (1977)
  • The Gang Of Harry Roesli — "Don't Talk About Freedom" (1971)
  • Jaduk Kuaetnika — "Barong" (2010)
  • Discus — "Violin Metaphysics" (1999)
  • Bubi Chen — "Karanginan" (1989)
  • simakDialog — "Alternate Jeda" (2002)
  • Aksan Sjuman & The Committee Of The Fest — "Hungry" (2007)
  • Rully Shabara & Wukir (Senyawa) — "Angin" (2010)
  • Mo'ong N' Friends — "Ajur" (2016)
  • Railroad Trio — "Reflection" (2016)

12. National Health — "The Collapso" (from Of Queues and Cures, 1978)

13. Tezeta — "Sarakany" (from Seventh Place, 2016)

14. Terry Riley — "Journey From The Death of a Friend" (Happy Ending, 1972)

15. Half The Sky — "Slice" (live in Tokyo, 2015-12-05)

16. Lindsay Cooper — "Flute Tune" (from Rarities, Vol. 1 , recorded 1980s(?), released 2014)

17. Marc Hollander / Aksak Maboul — "Animaux Velpeau" (from Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine, 1977)

18. Arnold Schoenberg — piano excerpt (details unknown)

19. Soft Machine — "Box 25/4 Lid" (from The Soft Machine, 1968)

20. North Sea Radio Orchestra — "Vishnu Schist" (from Dronne, 2016)

21. Spiro — "Vapourer" (from Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow, 2015)

22. Gong — "Cos You Got Green Hair" (from Magick Brother, 1969)

23. Syd Barrett — "Effervescing Elephant" (from Barrett, 1970)

Terry Collins' notes on his Indonesian selections:

1977. Guruh Gypsy - Barong Gundah
Guruh Soekarnoputra, son of the former president, and brother of recent President Megawati, loves Balinese gamelan and recruited prog-rock group Gypsy to interpret his songs. This track is based on the barong dance. The singer, Chrisye, went on to a very successful solo career.

1971. The Gang Of Harry Roesli - Don't Talk About Freedom
Harry Roesli was a social activist, some say eccentric. It was unwise to talk about freedom during the Soeharto era...

2010. Jaduk Kuaetnika - Barong
Djaduk Ferianto is a cultural artist/festival and workshop organiser at home and abroad. For the Balinese, Barong is the symbol of health and good fortune, and appears in ceremonies as a masked dancer fighting evil in the form of the witch Rangda.

1999. Discus - Violin Metaphysics
The album Discus 1, available on Mellow Records Bandcamp, is a bravura display of no one particular genre. In its minimalism, this track calls to mind Soft Machine's Out-Bloody-Rageous.

1989. Bubi Chen - Karanginan
Keith Jarrett meets Sunda kecapi (zither) suling (bamboo flute) from an album which cries out for a digital release.

2002. simakDialog - Alternate Jeda
From sD's second album Baur when they were still going through their Pat Metheny phase, before Riza Arshad, the leader-composer, ditched the drums, opted for Sundanese percussion and recorded four ethno-jazz albums. This track is unlike anything else I've heard from him.

2007. Aksan Sjuman & The Committee Of The Fest - Hungry
Senior drummer Aksan got bored making "pleasant music" and assembled a group associated with his music school to see what they could collectively come up with. Aksan Sjuman & The Committee Of The Fest was the result, and this track fits in nicely with Annette Peacock.

2010. Rully Shabara & Wukir (Senyawa) - Angin
Senyawa are 'noise' merchants based in Yogyakarta, the cultural centre of Central Java. They are widely travelled,with recent gigs in the UK,the USA and Germany. Seeing them live is a primeval experience... and truly life affirming.

2016. Mo'ong N' Friends - Ajur
A group pushing the 'ethno envelope'.

2016. Railroad Trio - Reflection
Adi Wijaya, was keyboard player in the now defunct I Know You Well Miss Clara from Yogya, whose album Chapter One was one of the top prog-rock albums of 2013. This track is from his privately circulated album Railroad Therapy, a dreamlike passage through life.


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