Friday 19 April 2019

Episode 70

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Matching Mole — "Righteous Rumba" → "Brandy As In Benji" (from Matching Mole's Little Red Record, 1972)

3. Sun Ra — electric piano solo (Haverford College, Pennsylvania, USA, 1980-01-25)

4. Michael Mantler feat. Carla Bley, Robert Wyatt and Kevin Coyne — "On Good Evenings" (from Silence, 1977)

5. Jon Hassell Performance Group — improvisation (Avignon, June 1982)

6. Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble — "In C (Semi-Detached)" [Jack Dangers remix] (from In C Remixed, 2009)

7. Bruno Tocanne, Sophia Domancich, Antoine Läng and Rémi Gaudillat — "Sea Dance" (from Sea Song(e)s, 2018)

8. Фирюза [Firyuza] — "Ашхабад" → "Край Родной" (from Фирюза, 1979)

9. Egg — "Wring Out the Ground (Loosely Now)" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

10. Gong — "What Do You Want?" (from Continental Circus, 1971)

11. Hatfield and the North — "Mumps" (from The Rotters Club, 1975)

12. Pink Floyd — "Green Is The Colour" (from More, 1969)

13. Anthony Baden Saggers — "Sketch #6" (from Sketches from a Minor Tragedy, 2019)

14. Lapis Lazuli — "Hired Soul" (from Brain, 2018)

15. Soft Machine — "Teeth" (from Fourth, 1971)

16. Sunwatchers — "Ptah, The El Daoud" (from Illegal Moves, 2019)

17. Grand Veymont — "La T&ehat;te de la Dame" (from Route Du Vertige, 2018)

18. Henry Cow — "Bee" (radio session for John Peel, BBC Radio One, 1973-04-24)

19. Kevin Ayers — "Lullaby" (from Whatevershebringswesing, 1971)

errata/clarifications: Miguel Frasconi has supplied the lineup of the Jon Hassell Performance Group: "Jon Hassell on trumpet, Michael Brook doing live processing/sampling and kalimba, JA Dino Dean on slit drum and percussion, and me on udu (clay pot drum) and keyboard (a Casio 202, processed by Michael). I think this was the first time Jon ever played without a pitched drone, because his old scalatron blew up during sound check. All the better to hear his unique trumpet technique.". Grand Valley State University is in Allendale, Michigan. The only guitarist on Continental Circus was Daevid Allen himself (+ Christian Tritsch on bass, Didier on sax, Pip on drums, Gilli on space whisper). The only supplementary player on the "Mumps" suite was Jimmy Hastings (flute and sax). Sunwatchers are from NYC. That's Didier Malherbe playing flute on Kevin Ayers' "Lullaby" and David Bedford on electric piano...Kevin wrote the melody but it's not clear that he played anything on the recording.


Blogger Jamarac said...

These are great. Listening from Toronto Canada!

21 April 2019 at 16:02  
Blogger Robble77 said...

Wollongong, Australia

24 April 2019 at 06:57  

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