Tuesday 16 July 2019

Episode 73

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Steve Hillage — "Talking To The Sun" (from Open, 1979)

3. Joe Henderson feat. Alice Coltrane — "Earth" (from The Elements, 1974)

4. North Sea Radio Orchestra with John Greaves and Annie Barbazza — "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road" (from Folly Bololey (Songs From Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom), 2019)

5. Henry Cow — "Amygdala" (from Legend, 1990 remix, originally released 1973)

6. Hermeto Pascoal — "Lago da Canoa" [excerpt] (live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 1979-07-20)

7. Hailu Mergia and the Walias Band — "Tche Belew" (from Tche Belew, 1977)

8. Travis & Robert Fripp — "The Silence Beneath" (from Thread, 2008)

9. Future Pilot AKA feat. Robert Wyatt — "Tutti Shruti" (digital release, 2019)

10. Ruby Rushton — "The Target" (from Ironside, 2019)

11. Alain Blesing feat. John Greaves — "Slightly All The Time" (from Songs From The Beginning, 2007)

12. Lapis Lazuli — improvisation (live at Free Range, Canterbury, 2018-11-15)

13. National Health — "The Collapso" (live at Hull University, 1977-11-16)

14. The Utopia Strong — "Brainsurgeons 3" (from The Utopia Strong, forthcoming 2019)

15. Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. — "Pink Lady Lemonade" (from Tokyo Flashback P.S.F. – Psychedelic Speed Freaks, 2019, recorded c.1996?)

16. Kevin Ayers — "Song From the Bottom of a Well" (from Whatevershebringswesing, 1971)

17. Gongmaison — "Tropical Fish" (live in the UK, autumn 1992)

18. Henry Cow featuring Robert Wyatt — "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road" (live in Rome, 1975-06-27)

19. Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt — "Summertime" (recorded c.1963, from Canterburied Sounds vol. 2, released 1998)

errata/clarifications: Hermeto Pascoal was indeed born in Lagoa da Canoa, Alagoas, Brazil. Future Pilot AKA is Glasgow indie musician Sushil K. Dade, a former member of the Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits and Telstar Ponies.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, do you take submissions from local bands?

16 July 2019 at 05:09  
Blogger Matthew Watkins said...

I'll have a listen. If I think it fits the vibe I'll play you. I'm not attempting to represent all of the current local music scene (I wouldn't obviously play folk music, punk or metal, for example). But if there's a prog/psych/jazz/electronica element and I like the music...

17 July 2019 at 04:59  
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