Friday, 10 January 2020

Episode 79

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Matching Mole — "Starting In The Middle Of The Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away" (from Matching Mole's Little Red Record, 1972)

3. Joe Henderson Quintet — "If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem" (from At The Lighthouse, 1970)

4. Ferdinando Faraò & Artchipel Orchestra [feat. Chris Culter] — "England Descending" (from To Lindsay: Omaggio a Lindsay Cooper, 2017)

5. Caravan — "For Richard" (live at The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, FM broadcast 1974-11-10)

6. North Sea Radio Orchestra [feat. John Greaves and Annie Barbazza] — "Sea Song" (live in Piacenza, Italy, 2018-11-30)

7. Raven — "Heart" (from Harp EP, 2019)

8. Fenella — "Truly Seduced" (from Inspired By The Marcel Jankovics Film Fehérlófia, 2019)

9. Nils Frahn — "Sunson" (from All Melody, 2018)

10. Jane Weaver — "Did You See Butterflies (Loops Variation)" (from Loops In The Secret Society, 2019)

11. Shadow Biosphere — "Parallel Evolution" (from Parallel Evolution, 2014)

12. Raven — "All Sound Is Music" mixtape (twelve untitled tracks, released 2018)

13. Soft Machine — "Hazard Profile Part 1" (live at BBC Radio 1, 1974-10-06)

14. Elton Dean Quartet — "Naima" (from They All Be On This Old Road, 1977)

15. The Steve Hillage Band — "Om Namah Shivaya" → "Sea Nature" → "Lunar Musick Suite" (live at The Concorde, Brighton, 2019-11-24)

16. Frank Zappa — "It Must Be a Camel" [outtake] (from Hot Rats Sessions 50th anniversary box set, 2019)

17. Sam Bailey and as Free Range audience — "Trickle Down" (live at Garage Coffee, Canterbury, 2019-11-07)

18. Robert Wyatt — "Trickle Down" (from Cuckooland, 2003)

errata/clarifications: The Record Plant in Sausalito was a recording studio. It sounds like Pye may have overdubbed a second guitar part, in which case that was a hybrid live/studio version of "For Richard". Nils Frahm is German, not Scandinavian.


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